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KILLING FOR FREE!! Covert Operations In Northern Ireland S.O.G Special Operations Group.
Nick James, Belfast
Added 21/04/2010
In Northern Ireland during it's very bloody past, there is one story that has never been told, but is due to be published around the middle of 2010, in a book called Killing for free. It will tell the story of a Special Operations Unit, formed to combat the ever growing threat of terrorism in Ulster, and a unit which to this very day, its existance recieves a total official Government denial.

This unit was formed from local members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) specially selected and trained to exacting standards by the Special Air Service (SAS) to search and destroy the menace of the Republican Movement, the Irish Republican Army (IRA). It tells the story of a group of men equipped with the latest weaponry and technology, with orders to put the rules of engagement to the side, and put into place secret counter measures to combat an ever increasing threat to the rule of law by an extremely sophisticated terror organisation, and by all means maintain the British territory of that which was Northern Ireland.

This unit was primarily an air support unit, using Puma SA330 Helicopters flown by the Army Air Corp, operating over the entire six counties of Northern Ireland, but the main threatre of operations being in the South Armagh region and surrounding border.

The unit operated as a support team for security force ground units, and a rapid reaction deployment force from Bessbrook Mill outside Newry usually after any terrorist incidend or attack. The book covers the period from 1980 until it's disbandment in 1994.

The reader will be left to make up their own mind, as to validity of this book, and to the contribution to the war in Ulster and the acts of total brutality carried out by this unit in the name of peace, and acting under the cover of an SAS unit to all who they encountered.

Basically this unit was a home grown Special Air Service detachment, a deliberate policy sanctioned at the highest level at Whitehall to cover the true identity of the group. Even the hierarchy within the RUC were unaware of the true identity of who these guys were.

Another of the Units tasks was to extract known terror leaders on the run and being afforded safe haven from the relative safety of the Irish Republic. Due to the lack of co operation from the Irish authorities, and Dublin Government with regards to extradiction back into the North.

This unit is not to be confused with the sas trained (SSUs) Special Support Units under the direction and control of the (HMSU) Headquarters Moblile Support Unit, which played a major role also in support of the civil power.

This book will no doubt cause a lot of controversy, and raise a lot of speculation as to the true nature of the security services agenda in Northern Ireland. We pay homage to the sacrifices made by all of the security forces, and to the people of Northern Ireland who paid the ultimate price for peace. May we never again have the need to engage in such acts of depravity in this fair land we call home

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